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NRI Investment

If you are a NRI looking for investment opportunities overseas, don’t forget to consider India in your portfolio. Of late, India has emerged as one of the most productive avenues for investment all across the globe. Due to the fast-growing economy and dynamic growth prospects of the country, NRI’s usually seek good investment opportunities in India. With numerous investors willing to park their cast at disposal in the variety of products in India such as Mutual funds, ULIPs and a number of other insurance plans, the country has surely come under the spotlight of the investing map in the world.

NRI investment guide strives to provide you complete assistance in the investment process throughout. To have a glance of our core services, please scroll through the whole article.

Account Setup

An NRI can invest in mutual fund schemes in India through the money lying in the credit of NRE/NRO account or through the use of various banking channels which are approved by the authority. NRIs can make investments on the repatriate or non-repatriate basis, depending upon their preferences. Only those NRIs who hold an NRE or an FCNR bank account in India can invest on a repatriate basis. Any investment made by NRI should be through an inward remittance or debit to NRE/FCNR account or other normal banking channels. The same procedure should be followed with the dividends, interests along with the maturity proceeds and all of these are subject to taxation.

Mutual Funds Assistance

Usually, a large proportion of NRI investors prefer to invest their huge capitals in mutual funds. A basic intention of such an investment can be attributed to the minimal amount of risks involved in a mutual fund as compared to equities. Besides this, the overwhelming performance and capital gains associated with mutual funds have always encouraged NRI investors to buy more of mutual funds in India. Thus, this investment tool is considered to be a good bet in long run.

All what you need to do for investing in a mutual fund is just submitting with us, a duly completed application form with the cheques or demand drafts. NRIs can make investments on the repatriate or non-repatriate basis, as they prefer.

Insurance Planning

Insurance is considered as a necessity rather than an expense. Many of us stay overseas in order to enhance our own as well as our family’s future. While you stay overseas, it should be ensured that they get the maximum level of financial protection in your absence. For making sure that they do not face any difficulties arising from unexpected emergencies, one should provide adequate insurance coverage to their loved ones. The estimation of the right amount of insurance to be bought is definitely a tedious task which needs skilful technical expertise.

To make things easy, we bring to you easy insurance solutions for every kind of insurance needs for your family and yourself, while you stay overseas. Our online insurance portal provides you a number of Life Insurance and General Insurance plans. It facilitates easy comparison among different policies provided by several companies and premium calculators as well, thus enabling you make an easy choice yourself at your own convenience.

Personalized Advisory Services

Besides easy investment solutions and insurance planning, we offer personalized advisory services on wealth management and financial planning of our valued NRI investors. Both investment management and insurance planning being most important factors among financial planning are given special focus. We understand the requirements of our NRI clients and based on their preferences and specific demands, we provide them customized advice on wealth management, both overseas and domestically.

Once the investment needs have been resolved, the next step is insurance planning. While you stay away from home, your family needs special care and attention so that they do not face any situation of financial crisis in your absence. That is why, we take into consideration the exact insurance needs and follow a step-by-step process for covering you and your family optimally.

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